Dependable Scooters and Power Chairs

Get around your house, the neighborhood, or any other location you can think of with ease thanks to the incredible scooters and power chairs available from Mobility Services LLC. You can count on us for the high-quality products and services you deserve at affordable prices. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your needs.

Stable and Sturdy Scooters

Looking for the perfect scooter to get around town? Look no further than Mobility Services LLC. Our portable and full-size scooters offer a fast, convenient way to travel around. Use them anywhere from malls to grocery stores to big events and gatherings. Scooters can be assembled and disassembled for easy transportation.

Get Fantastic Mobility With Our Power Chairs

The power chairs available from Mobility Services LLC are outstanding mobility solutions that are built for real-world, everyday use. Our portable power wheelchairs and other models include Active-Trac ATX Suspensions for enhanced performance on a variety of ground types. Our chairs are built to last and feature unmatched turning radiuses.
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